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Peter Dorsa, PT

Peter Dorsa, MSPT
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Pete comes to WPT from Colorado where he earned his Master’s in PT from the University of Colorado, graduating in May, 1994. He brings MUCH experience, humility and wisdom, having been in practice for many years. Pete recently attained his New York State Physical Therapy licensure.

Peter was introduced to John F. Barnes, PT and founder of Myofascial Release Techniques at MFR I, Denver in 1994. Myofascial Release techniques have become the foundation for his treatment approach and he has studied them extensively.

Over the years of practice Peter has developed a treatment approach that blends his experience as an advanced MFR practitioner with the arts of Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong. In this way he can partner with his clients to explore their injuries or issues in a manner that meets the person’s needs from basic musculoskeletal imbalances to more complex somato-emotional issues that often result from traumatic injuries.

Peter also has a Masters in Biomechanics, is a licensed massage therapy practitioner with a certificate in Shiatsu. Since 2001 he has been studying Anusara Yoga founded by John Friend.

Since 1999, he has owned and operated his own practice in Colorado. To reflect on his diverse background and eclectic treatment approach Peter began using the motto “Steeped in the Arts, Balanced by Science”.

After enjoying many years in Colorado, Peter and his wife Judy decided to relocate to New York to be closer to her family.

WPT considers ourselves lucky to have him join the WPT family of staff.

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