Wholistic Physical Therapy

If you are health conscious and believe in investing in yourself, call us today, because our team of staff is here to help you move towards a painfree active lifestyle.
(845) 940-1050

It is our intention that our presence be a supportive and loving companion to you as you travel your journey. We will always provide a listening ear when you need it, and try to answer your questions as best as we can.

Thank you for allowing us to do this for you.

We have found over the years (and this is validated by John Barnes' experience in his clinics) that the team approach works best for most people. The variety of different styles from different therapists, all utilising the same, consistent MFR approach seems to result in wonderful progress. Our team of MFR Therapists include:

ScottScott van Niekerk, PT Director

Megan Kamaljit Thind, PT, DPT, CKTP

The Administrative Staff will welcome you, handle all your phone calls, billing and payments, scheduling and any other concerns that you may have. They include:

Rachel Sarna Rachel Sarna, Office Manager

Ginger DandreanoGinger Dandreano

And last but not least our therapy dogs,

Scott and DogsKai and Rosie!

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